We present you the “Vintage Table”. It’s one of our favorites, and we will tell you why.

This table offers a large variety of options; you can choose the color of the board and its material. In addition, you can pick out the color of its feet, which makes it be very versatile and matchable with any environment.

~This table is a very good option, because Its offers you the possibility to customize It the way you like and in a way it matches your place ~

You can also select a desired height for the table, so It can become a bar table (110cm of height) or a normal table (75 cm of height),  and Its size aswell, with all kind of sizes from 60x60cm to 120x80cm.

About its board, the materials available are Werzalit, Melanin, Compact and Indoor, among others.

Get in touch with us to know all colors available and to get a personalized quotation!

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